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1st Sunday Advent year B 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 11/29/20

Reflections on the past 9 months.  As we hit March, the Parish was running as usual.  2 weeks later, we were shut down.  Shutdowns, social distancing, sanitizer, masks.  Whether you thought or think that all these things were just or unjust, necessary or unnecessary is irrelevant.  It happened.  What ... Read More »

Christ the King 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 11/22/20

This is a feast that was instituted in the 1925.  In the years following the first world war, while the fighting was over for a time, there was not a sense of peace. Lingering anger still existed among the nations, and interior divisions continued from within.  Thus, Pope Pius ... Read More »

32nd Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 11/08/20

Human wisdom is concerned with earthly matters, and it certainly has its value.  It often deals with practical things on how to live, how to treat others, how to survive well and get by.  It debates systems and rights, and.  But it is ultimately limited and incomplete, and at ... Read More »

All Saints 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 11/01/20

This day is for all the saints in heaven, those who glory in God’s presence.  This day is about the Church Triumphant, the hope and goal of all Christians, the desire that all people will come to experience, the joys and glories of God.  All the people of history ... Read More »

27th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 10/04/20

Have no anxiety, Paul tells us.  How can we possible not have anxiety?  It just seems impossible, especially this year. If I asked you to tell me bad news, I bet all of you could come up with several things right away.  If I asked you to tell me ... Read More »

25th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 9/20/20

I am notoriously difficult to give gifts for, which causes grief for my parents.

Despite the trouble I give them, they still seek to give.  The notion of giving gifts to someone is done through generosity, and someone is generous through love. 

Today’s gospel reading is about showing the ... Read More »

24th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 9/13/20

Last week I spoke about correcting those who have gone astray, and I focused it on something you observed in the other person that needed direction.  But now let’s make personal, you have been the one wronged, you’re upset, you’re angry, and you want something done about.  There is ... Read More »

23rd Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 9/06/20

In the story of Cain and Abel, Cain famously said to God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?”  Is his well-being any concern of mine?  Of course, that was after he had already killed Abel.

There are times where we must be willing to help those who we know are ... Read More »

22nd Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 8/31/20

In the gospels, Jesus has been known from time to time to use insulting language, he called people hypocrites, brood of vipers, and once indirectly called a gentile woman a dog, but only here has he ever called someone Satan, and to Peter no less, who just earlier was ... Read More »

21st Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 8/23/20

I’m sure everyone at some point has wondered what other people think of them.  What do people say about you.  Perhaps more importantly, what do you say about yourself.  What I mean is, how do you describe and identify yourself?  What describes who you are, that set’s you apart ... Read More »