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13th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/29/20

You are baptized into Christ, to live in newness of life.  Meaning to be dead to sin, and living for God.  You who are baptized share in the ministry of prophet, one who speaks for God, who speaks God’s messages.  In other words, a prophet speaks the truth about ... Read More »

12th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/21/20

There is much going on today that has made it easy for us to fear and worry.  The pandemic, protests, riots, injustices, and perhaps overall a sense of loss, a loss of the previously stable day to day living. And anything else that might go awry seems magnified.  But ... Read More »

Trinity Sunday 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/08/20

The Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Three distinct persons, yet truly one. We begin all of our prayers invoking them.  We baptize in their name  Neither exist without the other, and all exist eternally. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “God is love”.  The most genuine form of ... Read More »

5th Sunday Easter year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 5/11/20

“Do not let your hearts be troubled.  You have faith in God.  Have faith also in me.”  Our hearts have very much been troubled this days, the past few months, and who knows how long into the future.  But Jesus says for hearts to not be troubled.  To trust ... Read More »

4th Sunday Easter year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 5/08/20

In today's gospel, we are told that we are the sheep, and Jesus is the shepherd.  But when you think about, being compared to sheep isn’t exactly an endearing thought.  Sheep are not the most intelligent of animals, they have a tendency wander off on their own, they don’t ... Read More »

3rd Sunday Easter year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 4/29/20

Asking questions you already know the answer to.  Sometimes I do it to get a conversation going, or the desire to lead into what I really want.

Jesus playing dumb with these disciples.  He knows what their talking about, he knows that they are confused and downcast.  So he’s ... Read More »

2nd Sunday Easter year A 2020 (Divine Mercy)

Posted by Church Staff on 4/22/20

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, which we focus on the mercy and forgiveness that Jesus has won for us through his death and resurrection.  After the Resurrection, Jesus is fully restored, his body raised and glorified.  However, what remains are the scars on his hands, feet and side.  Jesus ... Read More »

Easter Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 4/14/20

Easter year A 2020

Today is Easter Sunday.  The day in which we rejoice and be glad.  Jesus Christ is raised from the dead.  Sin and death destroyed.  But in a time like this, do we still rejoice.  Absolutely YES!

Jesus has overcome sin and death.  Jesus has overcome ... Read More »

5th Sunday Lent, year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 3/30/20

5th Sunday Lent year A 2020

This past Friday, Pope Francis gave an address, for an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing, to the city and the world.  He did this outside the entrance of St. Peter’s.  Normally, there are crowds of people who are present to observe and listen, ... Read More »

4th Sunday Lent year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 3/21/20

4th Sunday Lent year A 2020

Our scripture readings for this Sunday focus on the theme of light.  Namely, that Jesus Christ is the light that has come into the world, the light that dispels darkness.  Now that we have officially entered springtime, the light of day will continue ... Read More »