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13th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/29/20

You are baptized into Christ, to live in newness of life.  Meaning to be dead to sin, and living for God.  You who are baptized share in the ministry of prophet, one who speaks for God, who speaks God’s messages.  In other words, a prophet speaks the truth about ... Read More »

12th Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/21/20

There is much going on today that has made it easy for us to fear and worry.  The pandemic, protests, riots, injustices, and perhaps overall a sense of loss, a loss of the previously stable day to day living. And anything else that might go awry seems magnified.  But ... Read More »

Trinity Sunday 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 6/08/20

The Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Three distinct persons, yet truly one. We begin all of our prayers invoking them.  We baptize in their name  Neither exist without the other, and all exist eternally. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression, “God is love”.  The most genuine form of ... Read More »