1st Sunday Advent year B 2020

Reflections on the past 9 months.  As we hit March, the Parish was running as usual.  2 weeks later, we were shut down.  Shutdowns, social distancing, sanitizer, masks.  Whether you thought or think that all these things were just or unjust, necessary or unnecessary is irrelevant.  It happened.  What we can all agree on is that none of us ever expected something like this happen, at least not in our country or our time.  But it did.

How did you react to this?  Do you remember how your felt?  Anger, sorrow, confusion.  Some accepted it and adapted the best they could.  Others tried to resist and act like nothing was different or changed.

We are hopeful that this will all be over by next summer, but there’s no guarantee of that.  And that’s not to say that, sometime in the future, something could happen to us that’s even worse than what’s happening now. 

Those are all the things that are different.  But there are things that do remain the same.  The words of Christ, our mission and Christians, are values as Christians, our dedication and growth in Christ Jesus.  This all remains, even if the way we express and experience it has been altered.  And in beginning this Advent season, our preparation remains the same. 

Jesus will be coming no matter the circumstance, whether in time of trial, or in time of ease.  If things change suddenly on us, we are to remain faithful.  If we are upset about the decisions of others, we remain loving.  For it is Christ’s Kingdom that is everlasting, and nothing on earth.  It is God’s word that will never pass away.  And that is what we prepare for.

Thus, while this season will be different, it will remain the same.  To prepare ourselves daily to make room and welcome Christ into our lives.  To be watchful and alert as to not be caught off guard.

As Paul mentioned in our second reading, “He will keep you firm to the end, irreproachable on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.”