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3rd Sunday Easter year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 4/29/20

Asking questions you already know the answer to.  Sometimes I do it to get a conversation going, or the desire to lead into what I really want.

Jesus playing dumb with these disciples.  He knows what their talking about, he knows that they are confused and downcast.  So he’s ... Read More »

2nd Sunday Easter year A 2020 (Divine Mercy)

Posted by Church Staff on 4/22/20

Today is Divine Mercy Sunday, which we focus on the mercy and forgiveness that Jesus has won for us through his death and resurrection.  After the Resurrection, Jesus is fully restored, his body raised and glorified.  However, what remains are the scars on his hands, feet and side.  Jesus ... Read More »

Easter Sunday year A 2020

Posted by Church Staff on 4/14/20

Easter year A 2020

Today is Easter Sunday.  The day in which we rejoice and be glad.  Jesus Christ is raised from the dead.  Sin and death destroyed.  But in a time like this, do we still rejoice.  Absolutely YES!

Jesus has overcome sin and death.  Jesus has overcome ... Read More »