32nd Sunday year A 2020

Human wisdom is concerned with earthly matters, and it certainly has its value.  It often deals with practical things on how to live, how to treat others, how to survive well and get by.  It debates systems and rights, and.  But it is ultimately limited and incomplete, and at times contradictory; its methods can be ethical or unethical.  Divine wisdom, though is aimed at something greater, something more lofty, something much more permanent and satisfying.

Wisdom of God is that Jesus Christ saves.  Through his death and resurrection, we who unite ourselves to Him receive become God’s children, and inherit everlasting life and glory.  God’s Wisdom lifts you up.  It takes what is here, and lifts it up to glory.  It restores.  It satisfies. God’s wisdom is filled with hope.  And that is independent of what your condition here on earth is.  Because God’s Wisdom is open to all who seek it.  Even if you suffer, even if you experience disappointments, even if you die, God will raise you up.

There’s a certain despair in earthly wisdom, which says, “Work for things now, because it’s all you have.  The only thing that awaits is the ground for your ashes.”  But through Christ, there is much more.  It is the fulfillment and joy that all people seek.  That is the Wisdom of God.  That He will provide for what you truly need, and preserve you for all time.    

“To fix one’s thought on her is perfect understanding; one who is vigilant on her account will soon be free from care, because she goes about seeking those worthy of her, and she graciously appears to them in their paths, and meets them in every thought.”  God’s wisdom is there, generously given, to guide you, to free you from worry.  If you wish to have God’s wisdom, you will have it.  God will grant it to you.  You just have to be willing to follow.  You have to be willing to seek it out, to pay attention to it.  To discern it.

St. Paul mentions that everyone goes through mourning, everyone deals with death.  But there are those who have no hope, and those who do.  Christians have hope of everlasting life.  Paul uses the imagery of being brought up to the sky.  Being lifted and raised up to something greater, raised to the glory and joys of God, to dwell with him and his goodness forever.  This is different from those who have no hope.

“Do what you can before you’re put in the ground VS Prepare yourself to be lifted up.”

Seek to find and follow God’s wisdom, and you will be lifted up beyond this earth, to heavenly glories and joy.