3rd Sunday Easter year A 2020

Asking questions you already know the answer to.  Sometimes I do it to get a conversation going, or the desire to lead into what I really want.

Jesus playing dumb with these disciples.  He knows what their talking about, he knows that they are confused and downcast.  So he’s going to walk with them as he explains away their doubts and eventually reveal himself to them.  And that’s the key.  He is going to walk with them.  And it’s important that he does.

You see, these two disciples are wondering away from where they should be, in Jerusalem with the rest of the disciples.  They have already heard about the empty tomb, yet they are drifting away.  They have some knowledge, but what they need is a personal encounter, and Jesus is there to give it to them.  Most people, ourselves included, hear about Jesus, they hear about his life, teachings, death and resurrection, but that really isn’t enough or sufficient. 

Because remember, that our faith is not based upon ideas, but on a person.  What is needed, and what Jesus desires, is that personal relationship with him.  Jesus invites the two disciples into a conversation, and he seeks to do the same with us.  Jesus wants to be involved, because he wants to give clarity and direction, to give hope and certainty.

Jesus invites us to bring to him those things which are most important to us.  He is calling to you, asking, “What’s on your mind?  What’s in your heart?  Will you share your life with me, so that I may share my life with you?  Because my life is one that has overcome sin and death, that is restored to new life, and it is this new life that I wish for you.”

Going back to the two disciples, it is soon that they themselves ask for Jesus to stay with them.  He has entered into their lives, and now they don’t want him to leave.  Their hearts are burning within, that fire of love and joy that is welling up and Jesus is explaining his purpose to them, preparing them to live with certain faith, hope and love.

Finally, it is in the breaking of the bread that Jesus is recognized.  For it is in the Eucharistic action, which Jesus gave to us, that his entire life’s mission is present to us.  Bread, which becomes Jesus’ true Body, is blessed, broken, and shared.  Jesus offers his blessed life, which is broken for our redemption, and shared so that we have life eternal. 

In our worship, in our daily living, we remember that the Resurrected Jesus is still present in our lives.  That he is walking with us, calling out to us.  When we allow him to converse with us, to invite him into our lives, he will share his.  There are those times where we don’t seem to recognize Jesus among us, walking along with us, but he is, waiting to be invited in our conversation.  Therefore, we must open our hearts and minds to receive him.  In this time especially, we must be willing to hear and speak to him in prayer, and recognize him in actions of goodness and charity, so that we may never feel lost and alone, but know that Jesus is always with us, and in Him we find our hope and certainty.